Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Days now at!

If you want to have your very own Happy Days tees right now, without the dreaded shipping fee... click on the link above (Happy Days @ Zalora) to have it delivered immediately at your doorstep :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vintage 5110

The 5110 Experience.
Grade 5 = Yey!
1st Year High School = Patience is a virtue
3rd Year High School = Sadly, It still works
1st Year College = Classic

Monday, February 20, 2012

John Paul George - &Gringo?

Available at American Boulevard Stores.

Glico's & The Quad

Here at Happy Days, we always evoke that giddy nostalgia of going back to our memorable childhood memories. Remember those times when we used to go out every Sunday? Spending our "Family days" in mall theme parks and watching movies together? Life was slow and sweet then...
It's either you asked your mom for money to buy tokens or you tried to make your one peso fit.

The happy mall experience minus the fear of terrorist bomb attacks.

Visit us at:
Happy Days, Robinson's Ermita, Manila

Gago ♥ Gaga


Geek is the new Black

The Revenge of the Nerds has come. 

You didn't understand most of the periodic table but you felt superior when your classmate forgot to bring his.

The value of x is invaluable especially if x = summer classes. The value of y is proven true if y = what you saw in your seatmate's teat paper.
Your teacher's eye speed is 150 km/h and her distance from you is 13 m. Your eye and neck speed ratio is 151 km/h and your distance from your seatmate is 0.785 m. How frequently can you look at your seatmate's test paper without being caught cheating?


While you marveled at the magic of backspace, you missed the smell of liquid paper.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Save Japan

While people were applauding the courage and heart of the human spirit amidst human suffering, you were scared because there was a possibility that Son-Goku drowned.


Cobra Kai

(Front Print)
 (Back Print)
For those who didn't really root for the scrawny and losery kid and his fat, old sensei... Cobra Kai the dojo for the calculating and unremorseful winners of the REAL world. SWEEP THE LEG! damn you Chuck Norris!

Ivan Drago

His punch killed a black man. How bad ass can you get?


Cynthia Luster


Osama Bin Affleck

Da Ultimate Warrior

Monday, May 23, 2011


Wearing PANGET proudly!



The epitome of heart and soul. All in all, good boy rock.


The rushing air from the vent down below, the elaborate lights and choking smoke while playing kick ass guitar was part of your childhood fantasy.